Paint that lights up at your control!

The patented LumiLor™ Electroluminescent Coating System  is a practical and durable electroluminescent (EL) coating technology that is energized with an electrical current. Used in conjunction with simple driver electronics LumiLor’s light can be controlled while being applied to almost any surface. It can even go over curves and around corners.

Simply hit a switch to turn LumiLor on and electroluminescent (EL) light is generated, effectively transforming any surface coated into a lamp. And when the power is turned off, surfaces coated with LumiLor return to their normal appearence.

Created by Darkside Scientific, LumiLor can be used for everything from radical customization in the automotive aftermarket to illuminating just about anything in the primary markets in amazing ways that were just not possible before. What can be lit by LumiLor™ is only limited by your imagination.

Lumilor™ is NOW available For Sale 3 ways-

  • Aftermarket customization (of almost anything) is available from Certified LumiLor Laboratories. Visit the LumiLor Labs page for more info or click the “Get Lit” button to get your custom request quoted today.
  • For builders, shops, artists and qualified businesses, training is available to apply LumiLor™ in the aftermarket network of LumiLor Labs™ . Visit the Labs Page for more info.
  • OEM’s can contact Darkside Scientific about primary market applications at