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LumiLor™ Labs provides training to individuals and businesses in the patented LumiLor™ application process and mentor thems to successful certification. Our LumiLor™ Labs Training Center in Las Vegas, NV is the only application and materials handling training and certification center.

A Certified LumiLor™ Lab(CLL) is a professional customization facility staffed by skilled personnel in the application of the LumiLor™ Electroluminescent Coating System. LumiLor™ coating can only be purchased in an applied form and the Certified LumiLor™ Labs are the only licensed facilities capable of acquiring and applying this electroluminescent coating and adhering to the required exacting specifications.

Aftermarket customization is available for just about any object that will fit in a spray booth. LumiLor™ is the only applicable spray that can be applied to “light up” almost any three dimensional object surface regardless of material or contour.

Certified LumiLor™ Lab centers serve the following functions…

  • Deliver finished custom jobs to individuals.
  • Deliver partially finished jobs to Certified LumiLor™ Facilities for some customers to have the top coat finishing and final assembly.
  • Provide LumiLor™ samples for evaluation.
  • Serve as the model for new Certified LumiLor™ Facilities.

If you want something in your world customized with LumiLor™, or you would like to become a Certified LumiLor™ Applicator or a Certified LumiLor™ Facility, simply click Get Lit.

LumiLor™ Applicator Certification

Lumilor™ is a professional-grade product that must be applied by a properly trained and certified applicator, who was trained at a Lumilor™ Lab training facility.

We require all future Lumilor™ Applicators and LumiLor™ Labs to go through a rigorous training program to earn the label of Certified LumiLor™ Applicator or Certified LumiLor™ Lab.

LumiLor™ Lab Facilities that demontrate strong growth in their business can share in additional opportunities.

Requesting A LumiLor™ Sample

If you are interested in obtaining a sample of LumiLor™ please use the GET LIT button to contact us.

LumiLor™ Lab Locations…. Click Here